sierpień 9, 2017

Opinie uczestników na temat wymiany młodzieżowej „We against hate speech”

EYAS Europe participates in its first Erasmus+ youth exchange. Six youngsters from Aragon region, in Spain, travelled to Poland looking forward to learn and share experiences with young people from other European countries.

These are the first impressions:
“We are learning a lot about how to fight hate speech.”
“It’s nice to get to know other cultures, we have in common more than we could imagine!”
“We have already made a lot of good friends.”
“We are willing to tell our friend all we have learnt here in Poland.”

We have taken a part of this youth exchange programme, here on Olsztyn, where we are focusing on discussions and workshops about hate speech and non-violent communication. There are participants from Czech Republic, Poland and Spain. The teamwork with people from different countries is really good. We think, that for young people like us is this really good and valuable experience. We are really glad for this amazing opportunity and we hope that we can be a part of similar programmes in the future.