Marzec 14, 2016

My EVS is beginning

How I made important decision
welcomeinpolandI’ve always wanted to try living in a foreign country, far away from my home. During my studies at university I had a few opportunities, but always, when I finally decided to act and enrolled on a project or go abroad, there have been some formal problems or my strong internal doubts (I´m really not the bravest person :D). Dreams about discovering of distant landscapes I tried to remove from my mind. Nevertheless they were existing still. The most intensive I felt them especially when I met some interesting person, travellers or friends, who were living in abroad part of their life. I was listening their stories, full of adventure and exciting experiences… I wanted to have first-hand the same experiences! Tempted me everything – the sea, mountains, deserts, rainforests!

In January of this year (after six years of hard student life :P) I graduated from university. Next month was life-changing for me. I could start all over again! I felt free and full of expectations… I began thinking about, what direction I want to give to my life. The most of all I was frightened of stereotype and bore. Everyday I was like being naked among throngs – „What I will do?“ „What I want to do?“ „What I can do?“ „What I can´t do?“ Questions like these, I had in my head all time….

After several sleepless nights, when I tried devise my „new plane of life“, was decided. I will do it, what I always want – I´m going to European voluntary service (EVS). Where? To Poland! My restless vagrant soul was beginning wake up again (hurray!)… Everything was arranged during the February and in the end of month I could set out on my own first big trip to unknown! 🙂

And so I found myself in Olsztyn – in the lovely city on north-easte of Poland. The journey to Olsztyn was very adventurous and funny for my.

My journey into the Poland
In Hranice na Moravě I got in train and went to meet one´s fate. When we crossed the czech-polish border and in compartment didn´t stay with me any Czech, I decided to shorten the journey by reading. Because I couldn´t contetrate (I was so excited!), I was watching melancholy polisch landscape full of fragile birchs… After five hours I get to Warszawa, where I had to search my bus to Olsztyn.

However, the biggest problem wasn´t my poor sense of direction, but the weight of my suitcase! I really imagined, how I leave him in the middle of the street and flee away from him! After about ten minutes „self-persuasion“, intensive concentration and activation of my nonexistent sense for direction, I got into the bus, which should take my to Olsztyn.

With relieve I fell on the seat and I looked forward to one hour of sleeping. My plan was foil by old gentleman, who (despite of dozens of empty seats around me) sat just beside to me. When he realized, that I can´t speak polish, he became sad (because his prospects for soulful conversation during journey decreased to minimum).

But nevertheless we familiarized in a short time and „czech-polish language mix“ we slowly changed on fluent russian). Then we were speaking all journey to Olsztyn. During three hours the kind gentlemant propose to me: vacation in Egypt, trip to Toruń, cup of coffee in Olsztyn, trip around the Olsztyn, date in library and bread with schnitzel.

When we started speak about it, what I´m coming to do in Poland, with confidential expression in his face he assured me, that Olsztyn is surely the worst city, which I could chose for my twelf-month stay. „You must change it! What about Gdańsk or Kraków? Both are great cities! Olsztyn isn´t safety! Girl as you schouldn´t go alone there!“ I was laughing and was nodding, but after this information I didn´t feel very good! 🙂 🙂

After several hours our bus came near to Olsztyn. I was a little nervous. My fellow-traveller said me, that I haven´t be nervous. „Don´t worry! If women, from your organization doesn´t pick up you in the station, I will take care of you!“ He invited me on trip to Egypt and Toruń again. Because a few minutes ago he asked me, if I have husband and children, his assurance wasn´t nice a lot for me… 🙂 🙂 On the station was waiting Marta with her car. With the man we said goodbye and lost sight of each other…

So, during 8 hours on the road I discovered:

  • I don´t understand important reports in polish train!
  • Poles speak very fast!
  • after all, I really have some sense of direction!
  • after all, I have a little courage!
  • I´m able to move one B-I-G suitcase from point „A“ to point „B“ myself!
  • my english is really so bad, how I thought!
  • in Poland I can speak russian!
  • not only in Czech Republic, but also in Poland some people during their trip eat bread with schnitzel! (I really thought, that is it typical Czech matter!)