Wrzesień 19, 2016

Mid Term Training – one amazing week in Toruń

The last week in August I went to mid term training in Torun. I must say, that it was one of the best week in my life… 🙂

There were about 20 EVS volunteers. Somebody of them I know from on arrival training in Warsaw, but more people I met first time. People from Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Belarus and another else had common interest this week – share experiences, discover yourself and each other and spent time together.

Everyday we had activities which prepared by our great trainers Wojtek and Ania. Part of activities we did outside and part inside. Outdoor activites were in groups and their main aim was discovering city and get to know each other. Everytime we had very funny moments together when we must fulfil some assignments.

Other activities were lead non-formal education way. We shared our experiences with EVS volunteering, we spoke about our future, dreams, plans and wishes. For me it was very inspirative, usefull and supporting.

Of course, it wasn´t just about education. We had free time in the evening and we could make friends and speak about different topics…

I am happy and grateful, that I could spend time in Torun with great people. This week gave me a lot of positive energy! 🙂