Styczeń 30, 2017

Make dreams come true

So sentimental start! Make your dreams come true so silly! No, this article is not about believe in yourself and other bullshits. It’s a little story about my new hobby and my fears.

EVS is a good opportunity to find a new hobbies. You have enough free time and the only thing what you need is your creativity. I tried a lot of handicrafts, like decoupage, origami, and craft booking, however I got bored from these. I create nice products, the people like these, but it don’t give enough satisfaction for me.

In August I decided I start to make my first cosplay. What is cosplay? Crazy people wear character costumes from games, movies, comics or whatever. It was easy to find out who I would like to be: Jeremy Fitzgerald the main protagonist of Five Night at Freddy’s 2. It’s a surviving horror game, with unique mechanism. Jeremy is the security guard of a pizzeria with broken, unfixed and haunted animatronics and his/her work to survive until 6AM. We don’t know how this night watch looks like, but Jeremy has a bear mascot head. For me it was enough!

The clothes was not a big deal, I bought it from a second hang shop next to our office. However the mask! I found a tutorial, which help me, I made the mask from a flower plat, plastic foam, duct tape, felt, paper, paper cup, phone board, hot glue, moreover lot of patient and passion.

It was truly challenging work for me. I try to make the mask more similar to the original. In the same time I started to make another mascot head and a real sized puppet too. Unfortunately, I was more or less ready with the Freddy head for the Halloween party. I create for it a bloody makeup, which is look like one of the animatronics try to eat my face. So I was an insane, attacked edition of Jeremy. It’s a really cool cosplay and I’m really proud of myself.

However it have more serious reason to make it, than I’m a crazy fangirl. I have automatonophobia. It means I’m afraid of dolls, robots and animatronics. They scare me, because they look like a living creature, but they are just objects. I started to study about animatronics, play the game and time to time it started to get better. I’m still frightened from them, but I need to live with this.

Making creepy bear head or a sharped teeth rabbit puppet is not a typical activity, but everyone need to decide what she/he would like to do during the EVS. If you have enough creativity, willpower and passion, your EVS will be the most awesome time in your life.