Styczeń 30, 2017

Horror in the School

Last time I tell a story about my new hobby and my fears. I made a cosplay from a famous horror game, Five Nights at Freddy’s. The character is Jeremy Fitzgerald, the night watch with a bear mascot head. And… I’m enough crazy to go to school with my mask.


Usually every week I’m going to School Nr. 10 to make a workshop for 8-9-year-old kids. The first time I take my Freddy Fazbear head was before Halloween. It was nothing special. I showed to the children, some of them tried to wear it or touched it, the others just watched it in shock. However the second time!

It was in Monika’s volunteering workshop, in this time the four of us was in the school. Yes, sometimes it’s happened. I brought my mask again to show what I made for the EVS work. We had more children like in usually, more than 30. I took some selfie with my mask. After it, a little girl came to me. She said, she knows this game and the bear, but in the game, it was not covered with blood. How cute! She noticed the different!

However, she told me more! She is afraid of Freddy. She terrified of me when I wore the mascot head because I looked like the living life, Freddy. In this moment I realised! This girl has the same fear as me! She disturbed the same way as me, so I started to tell why I create it. I didn’t make it because I would like to frighten children, I created this because I’m afraid, and I would like to fight with my fears. She chilled up and smile to me. It was the most touching moment EVS!

That is the most important for me! I nade her fill happy, touched each her and showed an unusual hobby.

Don’t need to be afraid to do something unique or strange! These are the best!