Wrzesień 21, 2016

Don’t follow stepeotypes, create your own life (My EVS history)

3381ab1a785473f47119bac2062b51f9Before New Year I make a list of resolutions, what I would like to learn next year, which goals I would like to achieve. There were the most ordinary things in my list this year: graduate from the university, get a job, get work experience. In general, usual things, which everyone does.

But deep inside I didn’t want to live like everyone else. I have always wanted to travel, try to live in another country, meet new people, learn things that you don’t notice in everyday life. But it all seemed impossible for me, because it is very difficult to go to another country for Belarusians. And I just had to take my life as it is.

So, after graduating from the university I found a job. After 2 months of work I realized that I don’t want to be like „office plankton” and live all life as one day, without changes and inspiration and I need to look for something new.

I heard about European voluntary service (EVS) before, but it always seemed difficult to get here. The fate helped me. I saw the announcement about EVS project in Olsztyn, Poland on the interesting topic and decided to send my CV and motivation latter. A few days later I received a positive answer! I was so excited, my life has changed for a couple of days.

Now I know: if you have a dream, continue to believe, even if it seems impossible to you.

New chapter
Despite mid-September, Olsztyn met me with a lovely summer weather. At the first day I roude on a canoe(first time in my life), tried polish dishes, met Mihal, Niki, Monika, Jarek and saw the place where I will be working (a lovely office with a lot of inspiration thing).

My journey continued…The following week I spent in Warsaw on the on-arrival training, where I met all volunteers from different countries, received a lot of useful information about the project, and enjoyed the beauty of the capital.

After training I settled in my new room, met neighbours, received my first tasks 🙂

Now I start my work here, create new ideas, discover new city and culture (despite the fact that Belarus is located not far from Poland, our cultures have some differences), improve my languages and skills and have fun here with so open-minded people 🙂