Sierpień 9, 2017

Opinie uczestników na temat wymiany młodzieżowej „We against hate speech”

EYAS Europe participates in its first Erasmus+ youth exchange. Six youngsters from Aragon region, in Spain, travelled to Poland looking forward to learn and share experiences with young people from other European countries. These are the first impressions: “We are learning a lot about how to fight hate speech.” “It’s nice to get to know […]

Styczeń 30, 2017

Horror in the School

Last time I tell a story about my new hobby and my fears. I made a cosplay from a famous horror game, Five Nights at Freddy’s. The character is Jeremy Fitzgerald, the night watch with a bear mascot head. And… I’m enough crazy to go to school with my mask.

Styczeń 30, 2017

Make dreams come true

So sentimental start! Make your dreams come true so silly! No, this article is not about believe in yourself and other bullshits. It’s a little story about my new hobby and my fears.

Grudzień 12, 2016

My biggest EVS challenge

Long term EVS. Yes, 1 year is long. However, I know it will be end. This time is coming closer and closer. Especially after the Middle Term Training I started to realize I have just some months in Poland. I’m not that kind of person, who make big life plans. The volunteers in the Middle […]

Grudzień 9, 2016

Am I sick? I don’t feel the spirit of Christmas

December just has begun. Christmas workshops, lights, snowflakes, retro music and happiness. The office is ready for the holidays. Maybe I’m the only one, who don’t feel the spirit of Christmas. Personally I really don’t like Christmas. Someone said because I’m Hungarian and we don’t feel how good is it. However it’s not true and […]

Wrzesień 21, 2016

Don’t follow stepeotypes, create your own life (My EVS history)

Before New Year I make a list of resolutions, what I would like to learn next year, which goals I would like to achieve. There were the most ordinary things in my list this year: graduate from the university, get a job, get work experience. In general, usual things, which everyone does. But deep inside […]

Wrzesień 19, 2016

Mid Term Training – one amazing week in Toruń

The last week in August I went to mid term training in Torun. I must say, that it was one of the best week in my life… 🙂 There were about 20 EVS volunteers. Somebody of them I know from on arrival training in Warsaw, but more people I met first time. People from Turkey, […]

Marzec 14, 2016

My EVS is beginning

How I made important decision I’ve always wanted to try living in a foreign country, far away from my home. During my studies at university I had a few opportunities, but always, when I finally decided to act and enrolled on a project or go abroad, there have been some formal problems or my strong […]