Grudzień 9, 2016

Am I sick? I don’t feel the spirit of Christmas

December just has begun. Christmas workshops, lights, snowflakes, retro music and happiness. The office is ready for the holidays. Maybe I’m the only one, who don’t feel the spirit of Christmas.


Personally I really don’t like Christmas. Someone said because I’m Hungarian and we don’t feel how good is it. However it’s not true and freaking stupid. Like not everybody in Poland listen dicopolo. It’s about memories.

The other volunteers have heartwarming memories about Christmas. Unfortunately, I don’t have any. In December they are going to visit their home and spend the holidays with the family. I decided, I’m going to stay in Olsztyn and I have no idea what I will do in Poland.

I know I’m not alone with this problem. Some of the readers has the same feelings. For them: Stay strong and don’t give AF. You don’t need to smile and act like you are so happy if you aren’t. Are you kill the atmosphere? Who cares! This all holiday is fake, you don’t need to be that.